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Szarr Talks “Reaching for the Sun” & The Importance Of Chasing Dreams

Swiss musician and producer, Szarr, hailing from Lucerne, has recently unveiled his latest single titled “Reaching for the Sun.” In an exclusive interview, he talks about the inspiration behind the new song, recounting a solo adventure he took to pursue his passions. The artist also gives us a glimpse into his forthcoming video, which is to depict a protagonist trapped within the mundane confines of an office, longing for liberation and a taste of freedom.

Szarr’s integration of electronic synths, Middle Eastern instruments, and various genre influences adds to the overall atmosphere and narrative of the track, providing a sense of freedom and inspiration. Nature and its connection with human vitality play a significant role in his songs, emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with the natural world. 

Check out the full interview below.

What personal experiences or observations motivated you to create “Reaching for the Sun,” which delves into the challenges faced by people who compromise their dreams for ordinary jobs?

Last year I did a solo trip where I did what I love: writing and doing music. At some point my bank account said “Hey Szarr, you’re about to hit 0,” and I had to go back to my current full-time job. I went back to long workdays, night shifts and weekends. This made me feel sad and angry. So I trade and many of us do, 10-12 hours of our day in jobs in which we do not see ourselves. I would finish work, go back home to my studio and write songs such as “Reaching for the Sun” as an escape. Time is limited and priceless and we should pursue our passions and what makes us feel alive and joyful. We should reach for the sky, go for the sun. For me, music is my sun.

Could you provide some more information about the upcoming music video for “Reaching for the Sun”? How does the visual portrayal align with the message and emotions communicated in the song?

The video was shot just by me and a great videographer and director from Israel. His name is Omri Klein, an amazing and cool guy. I told him about my vision for the song and what I wanted to transmit with it. He completely understood it, and it made me happy to see the story come alive. In the video we find a guy in a dark dusty office, working and being drained. Kind of chained to a place in which he doesn’t want to be. He feels the urge to escape and be free as he realizes that “Life is not forever“ and time is precious. After that, I escape into nature, the wild, the aliveness and joy of being free to feel the sun and do what I love.

Through your lyrics, you touch upon the notion of sacrificing a lifetime for material pursuits. What impact do you aspire to have on listeners and how do you aim to inspire them to reclaim their personal empowerment?

I would love to inspire more people to go after their passions and to work as hard as possible to pursue them. Amazing things happen and come out if you as a person find your passion and go for your ikigai: what makes your life worth living. The happiness you bring to yourself and to the humans around you is magical and much needed in the world. I do spend so many hours working at a place to be able to pay the bills, but as soon as I clock out I craft music and that does not feel like work. Even when I spend hours and nights doing it. It feels good and I love the idea of someone listening to my song and maybe getting inspired by its melodies and lyrics to do the same. If that person feels a bit better through it, then I am beyond happy.

How do the integration of electronic synths, Middle Eastern instruments, and diverse genre influences in your music enhance the overall atmosphere and narrative of “Reaching for the Sun”?

For me, it’s the freedom these sounds give me. The freedom to mix Juno synths with a Middle Eastern darbuka fuels my inspiration for the story. Just by listening to it I feel loose, free and as if there were no rules. You feel a hunch to experiment with some unconventional sounds and emotions. Sometimes if it works, it works.

The single reflects a desire for freedom and rebuilding connections with nature. How important is it for you to address these themes in your music?

For me this is very important. Nature makes us feel alive, and I try to reflect that in my songs. Nature is dynamic and provides us with resources. It has its own emotions. It brings constant changes and freedom. And that dynamic freedom brings fresh aliveness. I want people to close their eyes, listen to my songs and feel this liveliness.

How does your latest single, “Reaching for the Sun,” build upon the musical and thematic foundations established by your previous successful tracks like “Coldest Nights,” “Tócame,” and “Love Is Raw”?

My songs are inspired not only by nature but also by people, their cultures, and emotions. It touches sounds and music from around the world. I chose a specific set of drums and melodies for “Reaching for the Sun.” To me, the drums and the melody are the most important parts of a song and I wanted to emphasize unconventional sounds and melodies from parts of the world that made me value more myself, my energy, and my time.

How do you balance your multicultural influences and artistic identity during the creative process, allowing your sound to blend multiple genres and draw inspiration from various artists?

I just have fun with it. I have a multicultural background myself. Being born and raised in Switzerland, with migrant parents and family, made me value diversity. Growing up, sometimes kids that do not understand differences can make you feel strange or unusual by not having the same cultural background. My circumstances have influenced me and my music. Music helped value and embrace my diverse multicultural contexts and the richness of having different perspectives.

Listen to “Reaching for the Sun” below:

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