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The Weeknd Plans To Kill The Weeknd

The Weeknd, known by his real name Abel Tesfaye, is contemplating the end of his alter ego. In a recent feature for W Magazine, Tesfaye revealed that he is on a cathartic journey and preparing to close the chapter of The Weeknd. Although he will continue making music, he expressed a desire to “kill” The Weeknd and shed that persona to be reborn.

Describing his upcoming album as his “last hurrah” as The Weeknd, Tesfaye emphasized the importance of this transition, stating that he has said everything he can say under that moniker. This signifies a significant shift in his artistic direction and signals a desire for reinvention.

In the interview, Tesfaye also discussed the filming of The Idol, revealing that his own home served as a filming location. He described how the rooms were transformed into greenrooms, bathrooms became spaces for hair and makeup, and a music studio was built in the basement for composing the show’s score. During filming, Tesfaye had to stay in character and temporarily lived in another house with his dog. His home became a hub of activity, blurring the line between fiction and reality, with cameras capturing the ongoing process. After filming concluded, Tesfaye made significant changes to his home, including replacing furniture and replastering walls. However, he emphasized that the essence of the character Jocelyn’s house from The Idol still lingers within its walls.

As Tesfaye embarks on this transformative journey, it remains to be seen how he will evolve as an artist and what creative endeavors he will pursue under his given name, Abel Tesfaye. Fans eagerly await his forthcoming album, which will mark the culmination of The Weeknd era while paving the way for new artistic expressions.

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