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Saweetie Wants Her Debut Album To Be A Masterpiece

Despite releasing four certified-platinum singles, receiving two Grammy nominations, securing multiple acting gigs, and landing several brand deals, Saweetie has yet to drop her debut album. The “Icy Grl” rapper shared in an exclusive interview POPSUGAR that she’s taking her time with the album’s release, as she wants it to be a masterpiece that truly introduces her to the world. Saweetie said that an album is like a make-it-or-break-it moment for an artist, and she wants people to feel like they know who Saweetie or who Diamonté is after listening to it. She also wants to put a true ensemble together and not solely focus on creating hits, vibes, and club records.

Saweetie has previously released singles like “My Type,” “Tap In,” and “Best Friend” with Doja Cat, as well as four short EPs. However, she says those releases don’t speak to the overall album tone. She has delayed the album’s release, wanting to ensure that it reflects her growth and purpose as an artist and a woman.

Saweetie assured her fans that she has new music queued up to drop before summer, saying, “I’m a summer girl. ‘Icy Grl,’ ‘Tap In,’ ‘My Type’ all dropped before the summer, so I have a couple of singles that I’m dropping before the summertime.” Saweetie explained that “Pretty B.*.T.C.H music” is not just an album but a movement, culture, language, and lifestyle. She emphasized that she’s not rushing art and that they are taking their time.

As Saweetie’s fans await more details about the album, they can rest assured that she’s taking her time to create a true masterpiece. Saweetie’s album will undoubtedly introduce her to the world and showcase her artistry in a way that her previous releases haven’t.

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