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Michael B. Jordan Proclaims Drake As GOAT

Michael B. Jordan, the actor and star of Creed III, recently declared in an interview that Drake is the greatest rapper of all time, or the “GOAT” in rap culture. During a conversation with his co-star Jonathan Majors for Complex’s “GOAT Talk,” the two debated on who deserved the coveted title. Michael B. Jordan stated that Drake was the clear winner in his eyes, even though he admitted that Jay-Z was also a great contender.

“Drake. Fight me,” he boldly said to his co-star. When questioned on his choice, Michael B. Jordan explained that he thought Drake was the GOAT because of his consistency and relatability across genres, citing how Drake’s music speaks to him personally. He added, “To have an artist, rapper, rap about things that I’ve been through, situations that I can relate to the most, literally… How it relates to me consistently, I gotta go there.”

However, Michael B. Jordan was quick to acknowledge the influence of other rappers who have paved the way for the genre. He paid homage to the legendary Tupac and Notorious B.I.G, placing them in an “untouchable category” and describing them as trailblazers for the rap game.

The debate over who holds the title of the “GOAT” in rap music is a popular topic among fans and critics alike. Recently, Billboard released its own list of the greatest rappers of all time, with Jay-Z taking the top spot and Drake ranked at number eight.

While Michael B. Jordan may believe Drake is the greatest rapper of all time, the actor himself is making history in the film industry. His latest film, Creed III, has broken records with its $58.7 million opening, the largest opening in the franchise. In addition, the film’s soundtrack features collaborations with top artists like J. Cole, Big Sean, and Kehlani.

In conclusion, Michael B. Jordan’s opinion that Drake is the GOAT of rap music has sparked a discussion among fans and critics. While there may be differing opinions on who deserves the title, it is clear that both Drake and Jay-Z have had a significant impact on the genre. Meanwhile, Michael B. Jordan continues to make strides in the film industry with his recent box office success.

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