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Watch Arctic Monkeys’ Nostalgic Video for “Sculptures of Anything Goes”

Arctic Monkeys fans have a lot to celebrate as the band releases their latest music video for “Sculptures of Anything Goes” off their seventh album, The Car. The video, which was directed by Ben Chappell and edited by Matthew Cronin, takes a psychedelic turn with grainy film footage and kaleidoscopic visuals. It was shot during the band’s tour across Australia and South America and captures the song’s global appeal reflected in its lyrics.

The video is visually stunning, with various clips of the band performing against a backdrop of psychedelic lights, which mirror the song’s trippy vibe. The film features Turner and his bandmates traveling to various locations, including an outdoor performance in South America, to a crowded club in Australia.

While there’s no clear storyline to follow, the video does highlight the Arctic Monkeys’ live show energy, and Turner’s effortlessly cool look. The band is currently on tour throughout 2023, with stops in the UK, Europe, and North America.

“Sculptures of Anything Goes” has already been recognized as one of the best alternative music performances of 2022, earning a nomination at the 2023 Grammys. The track is one of the standout songs on The Car, which has received critical acclaim for its sound and evolution from the band’s earlier work.

The Arctic Monkeys have been known for their unique sound and style, which has garnered a significant fan base over the years. Their earlier works, including their debut album “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not,” broke records and cemented their place in the indie-rock scene.

In recent years, the band has explored new sounds and genres, including a psychedelic rock sound, which is apparent in “Sculptures of Anything Goes.” The song features a catchy melody, with Turner’s distinctive voice and poetic lyrics, creating a haunting and ethereal sound that sticks with the listener long after the song ends.

Fans who can’t attend the band’s live shows still have a chance to experience their performance with the concert film of their Kings Theatre performance in Brooklyn in September 2022. The concert film, directed by Monika Mogi, captures the band’s electric energy and showcases their evolution in sound and style.

As Arctic Monkeys continue to experiment with different sounds and genres, fans can expect even more exciting music and visuals in the future. With the release of “Sculptures of Anything Goes” and the upcoming tour, the band’s legacy and influence in the music industry remain as strong as ever.

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