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Shakira and Karol G Reference Breakups in “TQG” Lyrics

Colombian singers Shakira and Karol G have collaborated on a break-up song called “TQG” which addresses their past relationships with Gerard Piqué and Anuel AA, respectively. The song, whose title stands for “Te quedé grande” or “I’m too big for you,” draws from both women’s experiences with heartbreak and the pain of seeing their ex-partners happy with other people.

Shakira’s part of the song references some moments in her discography and the reasons behind her split from Piqué, with lyrics like “You were looking for food elsewhere / I was blaming it on monotony” (Tú buscando por fuera la comida / Yo diciendo que era monotonía), referencing one of her songs released after the break-up, “Monotonia.”

Meanwhile, Karol G wrote most of “TQG,” drawing from her own recent break-up with Anuel AA after two years of engagement. In an interview with El Universal, Karol G revealed that she had shared the song’s lyrics with Shakira, who found them to be a perfect reflection of her own feelings at the time.

The collaboration between the two Colombian singers has been highly anticipated, as both are among the most popular Latin women making music today. The release of “TQG” has generated significant buzz and discussion among fans and critics alike.

The music video for “TQG,” which was directed by Jessy Terrero, features both singers in various glamorous settings, from a fancy restaurant to a luxurious bedroom. The video also includes references to their ex-partners, with shots of Shakira wearing a shirt with the number three, a nod to Piqué’s jersey number, and Karol G wearing a necklace with the letter “E,” likely a reference to Anuel AA’s real name, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago.

Overall, “TQG” is a powerful collaboration between two of the most prominent women in Latin music, and its honest and relatable lyrics are sure to resonate with many listeners. The song offers a glimpse into the personal lives of these two artists, and shows that even celebrities are not immune to heartbreak and the pain of break-ups.

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