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Hailey Bieber NYC Outfits Hit Different

Hailey Bieber joined her husband Justin Bieber for dinner in New York City yesterday night wearing a collared shirt, a gray sweater, a leather vest, and no trousers, continuing the celeb fashion trend. She exposed her legs by donning black heels with the outfit. Hailey also flaunted her brand-new haircut, wearing it straight down with sunglasses.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Hailey has successfully worn no pants. She went out last week wearing only a sweatshirt and another outfit without trousers. In late November, her pal Kendall Jenner gained notoriety after leaving the house in only her underwear, transparent tights, and a sweater.

In an interview with the September edition of Harper’s Bazaar, Hailey discussed her sense of style and the pressure she puts on herself to look well in front of the media.

“I get photographed so much that I feel like sometimes I put pressure on myself,” she said, crediting it partly to her perfectionism. “Even if I’m just throwing on jeans and a T-shirt, I want it to be a dope pair of jeans and a great T-shirt!”

She said her own personal style “evolves every couple of months.”

When speaking about the capsule collection she created with Wardrobe.NYC, Hailey elaborated on her personal fashion philosophy. In September 2022 will visit Vogue.

“We landed on each piece by my figuring out what the core pieces are in my day-to-day wardrobe, and those that I think can live forever. Like an amazing coat and a great blazer, and then combining those with easy, everyday layering pieces. My personal style comes through in all the pieces, from the casual comfy ones to the more elevated, structured items. My style constantly mixes comfort and elevation, which is what I wanted to do with these clothes.”

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