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2051 Paper Discusses His Latest Single “Even” & More

Up-and-coming rapper, 2051 Paper, has been gradually establishing himself as one of the emerging artists to watch out for. He’s shown a lot of potential with singles like “OODLES & NOODLES,” “Lace ‘Em Up,” and the most recent “Even.” 

PopCultr had the opportunity to sit down with the FTR Records artist and talk about the inspiration behind his new release and how his upbringing has shifted his choices, helping him become the man he is today.

Firstly, congratulations on the release of “Even.” What is the main theme of the song and what was the inspiration behind it? 

I appreciate it. I made “Even” on something I gotta get back to myself and it’s like in the streets you gotta be numb to everything or you gonna fold and I ain’t gonna cap like seeing my bros leave, don’t hurt.

How long have you been working with FTR Records? How has your experience been so far? Do you feel like you have a greater opportunity to reach the public than you did before?

Been working with them for about 2 years, building a relationship more like a family, and in this game I’m learning networking is important and working with them I’ve been meeting more people that are trying to help me better my career.

You’re originally from East Hampton. Tell us more about your upbringing and how it has influenced your artistic identity? What kind of music did you listen to while growing up?

I’m not going to lie like my life was just hard, my whole life it wasn’t, but we had some real hard times cause at some point everything had to come to an end which forced my brother Andy to get our own money at young ages. Where I’m from though it’s no different from many other hoods, just a little more territorial. Growing up, I couldn’t believe some of the things I was hearing and seeing, till I realized it’s the same thing going on all around the world just in a different way but I wanted something other than being a regular statistic or just somebody from the hood who die or go to jail young with nothing accomplished before I go.

Do you believe that you have to work hard to be a great Hip Hop artist or does it all come naturally to you? 

I feel like everybody has to work hard, because hard work beats talent. Although, when I first started rapping I was in the studio trying too hard to make a hit, until I realized you gotta have fun with it.

Who has been the most influential artist in your life? And why?

Any artist that took their real potnas [friends] or bros before the money and put them in better positions.

Do you have a role model in your life? Have you ever received life-changing advice that has helped you both in your personal and professional development?

My only role model is my pops. He handles business and takes care of the family. That’s all I want to do. Another thing I’ve seen a few artists doing is investing in reality, that’s something I’m looking forward to doing.

What does “2051 Paper” mean? And how did you come up with the name?

2051 Paper is Me, 2051 Is my hood “Hamp, East Hampton “ whatever you want to call it, but Nawfr[“No For Real”], it’s in East Atlanta. Paper just came along with it when I started rapping.

Watch the official music video for “Even” on YouTube:

Listen to “Even” here:

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