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Get To Know Epic Hip-Hop Artist Juice Potter

Juice Potter is an up-and-coming artist from New Jersey who recently shared a new song and music video “POTTER” with tens of thousands of views already. The talented and hard-working hip-hop artist is making quite a lot of noise with his unique music, and we’re so thrilled to have been able to interview him about it! Juice Potter certainly represents the NJ sound through previous releases like Potterville and Project Potter, two of his albums. So get to know this awesome rapper with us!

Let’s talk about “POTTER”, your latest single. What is this single about? Who worked on its production and the music video? 

So the Song Potter is really just telling you who I am, telling you where I come from, some of the things I had to deal with along the way, some of the things that I want to see in the future, some of the things that I want to do, the impacts I want to have on the youth. It’s just telling you my story. More or less. It’s telling you my story and you know, where I come from and what I had to go through and what I still go through currently. Shout out to BB Beats, “Potter” music video was directed by Faseeh Bhatti and Luchi Walli mixed and mastered the single, shoutout to Heavy artillery studio

What is the number one message your art promotes? What is the biggest takeaway for fans?

Mostly my brand promotes independence. Like, you know, getting it on your own, empowering the people around you. I mean, empowering the people that you work with, taking risks. Cause without taking risks, you ain’t gonna have no success. You’re gonna be stuck doing the same shit forever. So my message really is, take that risk, whatever that risk is for you, whatever that means to you, take that risk. And also my message is about family. Like, it’s about keeping the people that’s close to you, the people that really care about you, the people that you really care about.

Like when you’re genuine in this, you attract good and sometimes bad people, but the good ones keep those people close and uplift those people, empower those people, make life better for y’all. You feel me? And I feel like if I could do that, you could do that. If we could do that as a people, we’ll change the whole narrative for our people. But it starts with our family. It starts with you and it starts with you changing this shit for your family. So my message is mostly to take risks. I mean, go figure out what it is that could make you great. Don’t settle for mediocrity, don’t settle for the rat race. Don‘t settle…Honestly, I’m not really sure what the biggest takeaway for the fans would be, but if I had to guess, I’d say the biggest takeaway is that anything is possible. I mean, don’t let anything hinder you. That’s what I think they might take away.

Since when have you been rapping and writing your own songs? Was there someone who inspired you or an experience you went through that gave you the push?

I started rapping and writing in 2016. I got kicked outta school for nonsense, and I was trying to figure out what path I was gonna take, what I was going to do. So 2016, the first time I really started rapping and writing. Um, but I will say, shout out to my boy, J Rell. He was the one that opened my artist box up, like the one that started me recording, but I wasn’t, I was still playing football and shit like, that wasn’t 2016 when I started, but I just, that’s the person that finally kind of opened the door up for me. Like, yo, you could do this too. I also wanna shout out to my boy Keem Off the Heem. He was the one that put the napkin and pen in my hand like, yo, write the shit down cause we were just freestyling and smoking. He’s the one that really pushed me to start recording. 

What achievements in your career music-wise are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of, uh, to be honest with you, I would say, I did a show in LA and I brought my mother with me, and I kind of felt good. Like, it felt good to fly my mother out. I paid for everything, she didn’t have to worry about anything as far as spending money like that, she just came to watch me do my thing and that felt good to me.

Going into 2023, what are some of your most ambitious goals music-wise? Any plans fans should know about?

Going into 2023, my most ambitious goals would be to really, you know, cement my name into the New Jersey music scene. Every time somebody mentions music in New Jersey, I want my name to come up. You know what I mean? That’s just the beginning though, cuz I want my name to be global 2023. But I understand it’s all timing. So I want my name to first be locally buzzing. I want it to be, um, when I say local, I mean tri-state area. I want this whole area to be flooded with my sound. I want people to know, oh, he’s next, he’s the next superstar up outta New Jersey. 

Don’t really want to give away too much, and we got Potterville 2 EP coming out pretty soon. I’m finishing up the track list and production. I still have an R&B project I want to put out, I want to tap into that side and I’m shooting to put that tape out by Valentine’s Day. I just want to remain versatile and keep my fans fed and happy. 

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