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Jade LeMac Introduces New Single “Meet You In Hell”

Multicultural singer-songwriter Jade LeMac shares first official single after her signing with Arista Records. The 18-year-old drops “Meet You In Hell,” which is accompanied by a music video directed by Sterling. The track depicts the aftermath of a toxic relationship.

The Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist admits that “Meet You In Hell” is “about karma, anger and revenge. Being in a relationship where you’re getting the shorter end of the straw is exhausting, and being hurt by a person you care so deeply about is traumatizing. 

She explains that the dark pop song is told from “the point of view of someone who is tired of being hurt, and ends up giving their partner a taste of their own medicine. It encapsulates the feeling of ‘you hurt me? I’ll show you what real pain feels like.’ This song is made for the people who aren’t getting what they deserve.”

About the official video, LeMac says that the shooting was a fun experience. “The director, Sterling, and his crew were able to capture some amazing moments that really showcased the emotions, and told the story of the song so well. On top of that, the colors, the sets, and the outfits all fit the song so perfectly!”

Garnering over 30 million streams with her songs, Jade LeMac is already one of the most sought-after figures in the Pop scene. “Meet You In Hell” will undoubtedly bring her closer to her dreams with its unforgettable beats and insightful lyrics.

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Watch the official video for “Meet You In Hell” here:

Listen to “Meet You In Hell” here:

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