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Thunder Fox Share A New Funkadelic Track Titled “Right Place, Wrong Time”

Pop-Soul fused Thunder Fox made the global debut of their new single called “Right Place, Wrong Time.”  The lead vocalist, Sam Dawes, explains that the song “is a tale of the debaucherous internal monologue of a person faced with requited lust in a situation where it’d be best not to act on it.”

Following the release of  “Communicate” and “Smokin’ on Loosies,” Thunder Fox continue to push their sonic boundaries. Inspired by a true story, the Sydney band’s “Right Place, Wrong Time” blends elements of Pop, Rock, Funk, and Hip Hop. With its addictive and pumping chorus, the track gives listeners a taste of funkadelia, taking them on a journey full of desire and lust.

Having traveled all over Europe from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain to Switzerland and Italy, Thunder Fox plans to fire up the stages of the UK in 2023. Incorporating synth-pop sound  with old school soul and grit, band members Sam Dawes (lead vocals/guitar), Jesse Tachibana (trumpet/keys), Casey Allen (bass), Max Vallentine (drums) and Travers Keirle (sax) have made quite an impression in a very short time. 

Thunder Fox offers the perfect balance of swagger and vulnerability. “Right Place, Wrong Time” proves once again that the Australian-born band doesn’t settle for mediocrity. With their internationally renowned full-length albums and standalone singles, they have the potential to become a global sensation and grow their fanbase even more.

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