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Michelle Ray Shows Vulnerability In Recent Pop Single “Run To”

Soul and Pop singer-songwriter, Michelle Ray, who is best known for being on NBC’s The Voice, recently dropped a new song called “Run To.” Written by Eric Lee Carpenter, Michael Blum, Michelle Raitzin, and Myah Marie Langstone, the Pop single was released via Full Time Records.

“Run To” is about losing one’s individuality in a demanding relationship. It’s a genuine song that talks about unreciprocated feelings, where one partner constantly puts in all the effort, while the other only takes advantage without giving anything back. 

Ray transmits all the right emotions with her compelling vocals and profound lyrics, “Can’t remember the last time you asked me about my life/ Sick of shining the spotlight on you/ And I don’t wanna be the one who cries right now/ No, I don’t really feel like being strong right now.”

The LA-based artist has had a prosperous career, featuring in commercials for brands like Maybelline, Mastercard, JCPenney, Kimpton Hotels, Barbie Diaries, Nickelodeon, LOL Dolls, among others. Also, she has had major TV/Film placements like in Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day, Amazon Prime’s The Expanse and Bravo’s VanderPump Rules

In addition to “Run To,” Michelle Ray has released many powerful singles this year like “SNAP,” “Lover,” “What Is Love,” and “World Hold On.” 

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Listen to “Run To” here:

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