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Get To Know Ben Carrillo, The Artist Behind “Zoom Zoom” And More

With his most recent track out and about, Ben Carrillo is yet again on top of his game. We’re thrilled about “Zoom Zoom”, a chill song which is perfect for a night out and even better for a long drive; and we’re even more thrilled about our interview with Ben Carrillo who recently attended the biggest Latin music event – Billboard Latin Music Week! Read Carrillo’s answers and get to know him with us!

“Zoom Zoom” is out and buzzing! The narrative reminds us of Timbaland’s “The Way I Are!” There’s no money or Ferrari, but there’s love. Did a real-life event inspire you to write the song? 

I love the comparison, such an honor. And yeah I am still driving a Corolla living like a superstar but always putting love first. 

You intend to incorporate the stories of your community and culture into your lyrics! Although art can be a purpose in its own right, do you think it’s important to integrate social and political messages in your songs? 

I feel like we have to, we can reach millions of people with one click. My catalog will always include conscious matters. I don’t know about political views but for sure social, yes.

When do you feel the most creative? What do you do to get in that ideal creative zone? Do you get distracted easily? Are there any specific rules you follow to make the most of your musical potential? 

I am more creative when I have money haha so I do not have to worry about bills and everything else. But honestly, even if I’m not inspired I force myself to get creative, I treat it like training. 

How was Billboard Latin Music Week? Give us an insider’s description of the event!

It was cool, I am not a big fan of big events but super grateful to see where im heading. 

Is it difficult to adapt to different countries and cultures? How was it growing up as a Guatemalan in the United States? Did you have difficulties breaking cultural norms and barriers? 

I honestly feel like I don’t have an identity because I lived half of my life in Guatemala and half in the US, and in the end we are all human, I am part of one race, the human race, one country; earth, so I have made both cultures my own and continue to create and cultivate a culture for my home country with beautiful art.

What are your plans for the near future? Do you have any more singles coming out soon? 

I have 2 big features coming out in 2023 and a single in December called “PASAN LAS HORAS”.

What does music mean to you? Do you believe in its healing power? How many times has music saved your life? Have you ever personally experienced an incident where you’ve felt that music is the biggest remedy? 

Music is my therapy, music is my life. I am so grateful that at a young age I decided to grab the mic instead of a gun or a drug. Music saved my life and now Through music I am saving my siblings lives.

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