Li Ronghao: Interview with Billboard China
Li Ronghao: Interview with Billboard China
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Li Ronghao: Interview with Billboard China

The renowned singer-songwriter Li Ronghao was on the cover of Billboard China with a most recent interview you don’t want to miss. The incredible artist shared that he has now taken up painting, and he even spent a whole 11 hours in front of a canvas!

Billboard says that “despite having six studio albums under his belt and a label deal with Warner Music Group — not to mention being one of the wealthiest 100 celebrities in China, according to Forbes China — Li nevertheless does not feel it’s necessary to set ambitious goals for every endeavor one takes on. ‘No one can predict the outcome, so just seize the creative impulse as it comes, let it express itself naturally, and leave the rest to time…“Intentionally trying to create something in a certain style is a useless endeavor.’” Check out the interview here


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