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Premiere: XL Syndicate Shares An Otherworldly New Track Titled “Long Way”

Contemporary artists XL Syndicate share a new single, an otherworldly track titled “Long Way”. Running almost a full four minutes, the song is the perfect companion on the road, showcasing moods and feelings that can only be described through music. Rich in texture, full of energy and yet chill and smooth, “Long Way” is another major step on XL Syndicate’s path to greatness. 

XL Syndicate is a group of talented creatives who produce exceptional music that borders diverse genres. Growing up in Caribbean households and listening to the soulful sounds of Soca, Reggae, RnB, and Hip-Hop, the artists turned their dreams into reality and ventured into a career in music. “We love Trap/Hip hop , Rnb, reggae/soca  in general since it’s what we grew up on. But we listened to all genres of music so our walls between genres are somewhat non-existent. We mix sounds and elements in ways that make the sum of the parts something new.  A good day for us is when we make something that can’t be easily categorized,” the artists shared. 

Since their formation, the group of creatives has compiled a large body of work that includes collaborations with various established and rising artists from around the world. XL Syndicate always stays true to their values, at the same time having fun with the creation process: “We’re looking forward to our upcoming releases…everyday is a new chance to create, enjoy ourselves doing this and collaborate with cool people.”

Keep an eye out for XL Syndicate, because these artists are preparing to sweep the music scene off its feet!

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