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Duse Beatz Talks Life And Music In An Exclusive Interview

Established producer Duse Beatz recently came out with an explosive new album titled Westside Connected Vol. 1 and it’s all the buzz! We’ve been loving it here at POPCULTR, and we’ve had the greatest pleasure interviewing the artist. Read Beatz’ answers to questions about music, life, and more right here!

Duse Beatz started rapping back in 2006, debuting officially in 2014 as a hip-hop producer and DJ. He has collaborated with a myriad of talented artists, dropping seven brilliant albums that display Duse Beatz’ musical genius: For The West Vol. 2 (2018), Duse And The Stinc Team (2019), Hunitz On Site (2019), Concrete Jungle (2019), Making Bangers Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3. 

How has your music career developed since the release of your new record Westside Connected Vol. 1?

It’s been great, I’ve noticed that with the artist I’ve worked with and produced for, more upcoming artists are reaching out to get beats from me and I’m doing pretty good numbers on the album so far.

Are there any unreleased tracks you would like to share in the near future?

There are a few unreleased tracks I have with my boy Drakeo the Ruler (Rip) and I have a few with Fenix Flexin too.

You’ve been in the industry for years now. How have the times changed since you first started? Do you think that it’s evolved for the better or worse? 

It has evolved for both reasons: better because of the direct to consumer aspect, you can catch a hot record that takes off without using a record label, but worse because now I feel that the music is now quantity over quality and the soul has been taken out of hip hop.

If you could remix a song from the recent album, which one would it be? And what kind of beats would you add?

Get it poppin, I would keep the beat the same but definitely add a couple more artists.

Are you currently working with anyone on new material? Should we expect a new set of collabs? 

I have been working with a couple of new producers and we are gonna be working on beat tapes.

How do you keep your music fresh and relevant? Do you follow the new trends or do you prefer to stick to your own rules?

I prefer to stick to my own but sometimes I will drift off to the new trends just to keep my mind and beats sharp.

Looking back at your career, would you have done anything differently? Have you ever regretted releasing a song? If yes, which one?

Not one thing and I have no regrets, I believe if I had changed one thing about my career, it would have altered my future, who knows could have been better or worse.

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