Serena Williams Says She’s “Not Retired”
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Serena Williams Says She’s “Not Retired”

Serena Williams, the latest athlete to tease a comeback after saying she will stop her illustrious career on the court this summer after the U.S. Open to devote more time to her family, says she has “not retired” from tennis and would probably play again in the future.

When discussing her investment firm, Serena Ventures, at a TechCrunch conference in California last week, Williams asserted, “I am not retired.”

Williams joked that if you visit her home, you can see that she “got a court” and said that the likelihood of her returning to the sport is “very high.”

Williams announced her retirement earlier this year, telling Vogue that she was “evolving away from tennis” after the U.S. Open. The remarks appear to be a retreat from those statements.

Williams got honors appropriate for an athlete regarded as one of the finest in the world retiring, despite the fact that the celebrity did not publicly declare her retirement. Her remarks were widely taken and published as a farewell.

Williams is by no means the only athlete to make a comeback after teasing or even entering, retirement. This year, NFL great Tom Brady declared he will return to participate in a 23rd season after changing his mind about retiring.

Other sportsmen have also had impressive comebacks, such as Michael Phelps, a swimmer who unretired and won five gold medals at the 2016 Olympics, and basketball great Michael Jordan, who came out of retirement to win three more NBA championships.

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