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Ralph Lauren Joins Forces With Fortnite To Launch Its New Digital Collection

US fashion brand Ralph Lauren announces a new phygital Polo collection for the popular online video game Fortnite. Polo’s famous logo will be redesigned as part of the new line, which will be accompanied by multiple virtual and physical events.

The in-game clothing design takes inspiration from the brand’s Stadium collection and 1990s Polo Sport line. Ralph Lauren’s polo player sits on top of the Fortnite’s llama logo, showing off the digital pieces including two Polo 1991 jumpsuits. On the other hand, the physical merchandise will offer sweaters and polo shirts with the new logo and other Fortnite-inspired designs. 

Fans will be able to purchase the new merchandise from Ralph Lauren stores, starting December 1. In addition, the upcoming Fortnite collection will have a physical boot  designed to match the in-game footwear. Players will have the opportunity to wear their Fortnite persona’s outfit in the physical world.

As for the prices, it will be affordable and in line with the industry standards:

  • Bundles: from 1300 to 1500 Vbux, or $10.39 to $11.99
  • Accessories and Physical Pieces: from 59.50 to $188

The chief branding and innovation officer of the company, David Lauren, says, “Ralph Lauren has always designed dreams and created new worlds, and our collaboration with Fortnite will deliver a first-of-its kind experience to a new community of next-generation players and consumers.”

The American brand is ready to host a virtual Fortnite tournament and a show that will be live streamed on Twitch. Lauren is excited for this new partnership with Fortnite since it “represents a completely fresh take on the Ralph Lauren brand that is thoroughly focused on the future.”

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