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June Drops A Bitter-Sweet Pop Single Called “Replace Me”

Singer-Songwriter June introduces her new melancholic yet electrifying song “Replace Me.” The Texas-native reminisces about her childhood friendships in this new electro-pop track that showcases her smooth vocals and authentic sound, incorporating 80s beats with contemporary elements.

Produced by Lab Ox, “Replace Me” is a beautifully curated up-tempo song that perfectly combines rhythmic melodic arrangements with heartfelt lyrics. June explores different emotions, blending various exotic instruments that make her artistry stand out. 

June gives further details on the new single, revealing “‘Replace Me’ is my coming-of-age song written in remembrance of my childhood friendships. The creation of this song felt right instantly because I made it a point to be vulnerable and open when it came to my songwriting. I hope people worldwide can feel my honesty in this new release created with Lab Ox.”

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