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Tyler Hubbard Releases Video For ‘I’m The Only One’

Tyler Hubbard has delivered the video for the tune “I’m The One to focus on,” one of the six tracks remembered for his Dancin’ In The Nation project. The melody was co-composed by Tyler and will be remembered for his impending introduction solo collection, due out on January 27th.

He said, “This tune is unadulterated euphoria. ‘I’m The Only One’ is a tune that feels exemplary and immortal – it’s for anybody who has love in their life, who’s tracked down their accomplice. I feel so honored to have my better half Hayley and think about all her times I sing this melody. The music video was an impact to make. Very much like the past recordings we’ve delivered, we truly needed to consider new ideas and cause a situation and a setting that was somewhat one of a kind and surprising. Thus, we did this one in an exemplary Nashville suit shop. The shop closes, and it’s party-time for me. I’m seen living it up, taking a stab at suits and making this shop my own. It’s simply a particularly fun video.”

“It’s a truly intriguing season, the following part for BK and myself, to get to somewhat get more private,” Hubbard made sense of on the show. Through their performance undertakings, he and Kelley get to “share our singular stories and our singular melodies and somewhat connect with the fans on a more private level. Thus, it’s extremely invigorating for the two of us and it will be a tomfoolery venture, without a doubt.”

Hubbard likewise shared his energy to join Keith Metropolitan on visit one month from now. Metropolitan is adding Hubbard to his featuring journey, which additionally incorporates “Great Individual” vocalist Ingrid Andress (whose most recent collection delivered on August 26). Hubbard additionally talked on the TODAY Show about bringing his family along for practices, referring to a cute video shared via web-based entertainment of his 3-year-old child shaking out on his own guitar as his father prepared for impending shows.

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