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Exposing Scars Of Venus: Kelly Monrow

World-class talent Kelly Monrow shares Scars Of Venus, an exceptional debut album that encompasses twelve monumental tracks, including “Mama Said” and “Jagged Little Heart”. The superstar’s audience is already in love with these two pieces that have quickly defined Monrow’s unique creative style. Scars Of Venus is a reminder to all the ladies out there that there is nothing like unconditional self-acceptance and self-love as a woman. Being her gorgeous, energetic self, Kelly Monrow sings her heart out  and has listeners hooked for the joy ride. 

Her Americana swing masterfully fuses the hop of Southern rock, the soul of Country, and the warm stomach butterflies of Pop. Coming up with deeply emotional and intuitive pieces, Monrow encapsulates the theme with the show stoppin track “Woman” who has its video out now on all major platforms. 

What stands to be a timeless piece from Scars Of Venus is the song “Pain Turns To Love” which plays a more urban rock and pop melody with Monrow breathing fresh air into the age-old story of love. There’s a charming country music element in almost every track in Scars Of Venus, but it is “We Found It Tho” that really drives it home with a more modern melody and her natural fiery self. 

Kelly Monrow jumped into the music industry after establishing her name in Hollywood. Known as Kelly Dowdle, she appeared in such notable films and series as Billions, Lucifer, and American Crime Story. Check out Kelly’s thrilling debut album down below!

Kelly Monrow can be found on: Instagram YouTube Spotify 

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