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Rising Rock Act Dean The Dream Redefines His Own Art With A Recent Album Hitchin’ It To Heaven

Brendan Alpiner aka Dean The Dream tells untold tales and paints hazy realities, drawing on the epic rock genre as well as his very own eclectic influences. Hitchin’ It To Heaven is one delicate and yet steely piece of work, encompassing seven heartfelt songs with deeply emotive lyrics and nostalgic melodies. So gear up for what’s coming, crank up the volume, and vibe with the bluesy-rock profoundness that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

With a clear vision to re-imagine and re-shape the rock scene with a self-made sound that’s a smooth blend of various genre elements including blues, psychedelic and funk rock, even moody rock ‘n roll, and more, Brendan Alpiner puts his all into the vulnerable lyrics and captivating singing – all executed by himself. Wrestling with the realities of life, freedom, equality, sexuality, violence, and death, and so much more—it all comes naturally to this phenomenal artist who boldly expresses himself and continues to stay true to himself. 

“The story of ‘Hitchin’ It to Heaven’ is mostly my attempt to discuss the different sorts of lives, secrets and stories that live within the gay community. As we become more visible and gain more acceptance, it’s important to tell the stories—even the not so pleasant ones—to further gain understanding. Progress is important, but it’s not always easy,” Alpiner said in an interview

Some of the artist’s previous pieces that have caught our attention are “Hourglass”, “Roadrunner”, and “Misery ’N”, singles released in 2021, each with a distinct sound “Dean The Dream”-style. Having worked with producers-engineers of The Rolling Stones, Stevie Nicks, Adele, The Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Rey and other iconic acts, Alpiner seems to know exactly what he’s doing, and his ever-growing army of fans is only proof of that.

Make sure to check out Dean The Dream’s exceptional album below and give the artist a follow on Instagram!

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