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Premiere: StevenCharles’ New Music Video For “My Destination” Spurs Feelings Of Self-Empowerment

Rising star StevenCharles released a new music video for the heartening single “My Destination” that enriches souls with hope and encouragement. He introduces a renewed sound that focuses more on self-reflection and awareness. The video offers an unlikely contrast of neon colors, ‘90s camcorder filters, and low display resolutions that give out home video vibes, but still channeling that superstardom energy.

The R&B singer-songwriter wants to create songs that carry messages of empowerment. StevenCharles  would like to share inspirational music that would support people emotionally. He says that: “…we just need that song that’s gonna get us through the day! When people hear my music I want them to feel moved and encouraged to continue pursuing their dreams. I want my songs to be the first thing you put on in the morning and the last ones you put on before bed.”

With its contemplative lyrics and fiery beats, “My Destination” uplifts and boosts everybody’s energy, at the same time sending a strong message that “our potential is infinite.” Charles sings, “So I won’t wait/ For my joy to come/ I’m smiling(shining) today/ And although it’s taking/ Way too long to finally get/ To my destination/ My mind’s my creation/ No time to be wasted yea.”

After a short acting career, the Canadian artist felt a little hollow and lost, he confesses that what got him back on track was the support of his family and friends; “I soon realized I was compromising my own artistic visions too much. Making the choice to go solo helped me gain more confidence and self-respect, and reconnecting with my family and friends revived me from a low place I didn’t even notice I was stuck in.”

With the release of “My Destination,” StevenCharles promises to keep on pushing his boundaries. This determination and flexibility puts him on the rise to worldwide fame. Having performed in Montreal, New York, Atlanta, and Miami, the multi-genre musician would love to further enhance his international career by visiting Dubai and South America. 

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