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Exclusive Interview: British Songwriter-Producer Ronny Shome Opens-Up About His New Single “Change” & More

Ronny Shome is a British songwriter-producer based in London. A versatile artist, Shome’s style varies with each song, and is mainly influenced by artists from the 80s like Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Madonna and Maroon 5.

He has written hundreds of songs, but not all are recorded and produced. He just released the single “Change,” following-up to the previously released singles “Breakthrough,” “Summer Dreams,” “Get Up,” “You’re The One,” and “Want You To Know,” all recorded between 2018 and 2021. 

We’ve had the chance to talk to him about his latest release, creative process, upcoming plans and more. 

Congratulations on the release of your new single “Change”!

Tell us more about it, what inspired you to record this song? 

‘Change’ was inspired by a teacher at college who once told me that “if you always do what you have always done, you are always going to get what you’ve always got”. That got me thinking about how one has to be determined in life and try whatever it takes to succeed.

How different is “Change” compared to your previous releases?

I recorded this song as it was in my head when I wrote it many years ago, but I didn’t have ANY recordings or lyric sheets for it. So, I asked a producer to help me record it as I always thought it was a track which demonstrates a motto I try to live by.

Tell us more about your creative process. What is the first thing you do before recording a new song? How involved are you in the production process?

Initially the song was designed with a jazzier type of vibe, but my producer suggested this style as thought it would resonate with more people. It was initially inspired by the song “Jive Talking” by Bee Gees.

When I record a song , I first record a rough demo with keyboards and my vocals on it. Then I send it to my producer to have a listen and then I schedule a time in the studio to record with a professional singer. Throughout the process I am very hands on, and like to have input in every aspect of the process, from the harmonies for backing vocals, to the drum rhythm and the bass line and keyboard parts etc.

What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

Most memorable moment was when I first went to a recording studio and had a rough song in my head with lyrics. After approx. 2 hours my first track was created, and it was a phenomenal feeling/experience.

Which artists have had the most impact on the way you approach music?

Most impact is from artists in the 80s like Michael Jackson and Bryan Adams and Madonna but also more recent artists like Maroon 5. My ballads were written years ago, before Ed Sheeren was a household name.

We’ve noticed that you enjoy mixing up several moods and genres in your music. How would you define your own style, and do you have a favorite genre among them?

I don’t have a favourite style but am fond of songs with catchy and memorable melodies as people can sing along and enjoy themselves. I am a Grade 8 Pianist so chord structure and rhythm are very important.

What’s next for Ronny Shome?

Next stage is to release my music to a worldwide audience.

Thank You!

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