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YUNGBLUD Drops An Epic Self-Titled Album 

YUNGBLUD drops a twelve-track album that is topping charts in all kinds of countries. The world-class star digs into the essence of alternative pop-punk melodies, layering his songs with authentic, innovative and witt-riddled verses. YUNGBLUD is the British artist’s third album to date, one that guarantees to make the listeners think as well as laugh.

The album opens with “The Funeral”, a track that premiered several months back with over 25 million plays on different streaming platforms. Conjuring themes of mortality and poking at the motto of “live like you’re dying”, as he sings “I’ve been dancing at my funeral /Waiting for you to arrive /I was hoping you’d look beautiful /Dancing with tears in your eyes /But nobody came, what a shame, shame, shame”.  A long awaited dark humour that had marked the genre in its early days.

With WILLOW featured on the album’s track  “Memories”, the collab brings about a vibrant and dynamic piece with gritty vocals and sharp lyricism from the young artist. “I wish I could just let go,” the chorus goes, something all of us can relate to. YUNGBLUD shares his vulnerable self in each piece, zooming the microscope on a new aspect of life that only seems to get more confusing for the young generations. The gist of it all arrives almost at the very end, in “Die For A Night”, a one-and-a-half-minute creation that asks the most gut-wrenching question “will anyone mind it, will everyone like it, if I could die for a night?”.

YUNGBLUD is currently on a world tour! Grab your ticket here.

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