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Headroom Heros Share Their Upbeat New Track “Heroes Theme in F Minor”

500kFRQNCY and Baad Amplitude come together as Headroom Heros to create pleasing ‘80s genre Pop and Rock music.The powerful duo shared a new upbeat track “Heroes Theme in F Minor,” which merges all the favorite electronic sounds together.

Practicing their vast musical background and knowledge on their creations, 500kFRQNCY and Baad Amplitude incorporate contemporary talents into their fusion of various beats and styles. This uncanny combination distinguishes them from the rest and helps them dominate the charts. 

500kFRQNCY admits that musicians “have to take the best bits and compile them and merge them into something that a lot of people like and respond to, otherwise, what is the point?” Badd Amplitude adds saying, “There’s a lot of things out there to watch and listen to on the Internet, but if you allow a healthy dose of what we do into your life, you will live better and be happier and more productive.” 

Headroom Heros are set to release “Heroes Theme In G Minor” very soon! Before “Heroes Theme in F Minor” came out, the multi-skilled musicians had collaborated with Adagio Jones on two popular singles “Love After” and “Done.”

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