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Romeo Santos and Rosalía Team Up on New Song ‘El Pañuelo’

The launch of El Pañuelo, the collaboration between Romeo Santos and Rosalía, has been a complete success. The artist wanted to take the opportunity to communicate how this song came about and why he wanted to have the Catalan

Rosalía has already become an international artist and there is no arguing. After her latest smash hit with Despecha, the Catalan has teamed up with Romeo Santos and they have released El bandana, their first collaboration.

This single is part of the reggaeton player’s new album, Formula Volume 3, where he also collaborates with Justin Timberlake.

The reason why Romeo Santos thought of Rosalía for ‘El pañuelo’

The interpreter of Indecent Proposal has shared through his Apple Music account a small text dedicated to each song and how it came about. On The Handkerchief, Romeo has started by saying: “I’m terrible with dates but it was just before Rosalía achieved stardom.”

“Someone from my team showed me a video because they know I love flamenco. I was blown away, not only by her voice, but also by her presence on stage and her energy”, the artist acknowledged.

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