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Bronze Avery Releases New Single, “FIGURE IT OUT”

DDG has raised the way of life according to his very own preferences. Last year, he graced the fronts of KAZI Magazine, UPROXX, PREME, and XXL as a feature of the sought after 2021 Freshman Class. Also, he has passed the 1 billion stream boundary closely following his acclaimed project Die 4 Respect with OG Parker. However, it just makes way for an enormous 2022. 

“I wrote ‘FIGURE IT OUT’ at the peak of a tumultuous situationship,” shares Bronze on the new single. “I was framed to be over-emotional with wild expectations when I now realize I was barely asking for anything in the first place. Even something as simple as a kiss felt like asking for keys to the city. I originally wrote ‘FIGURE IT OUT’ as the score for my director friend Tyler’s short film but ended up loving the track so much I decided to keep it for myself. My friend and neighbor Bonavega, a flamboyant, radiant, and boisterous Glam Rock artist, helped me re-record the epic guitar solo in the outro but I wrote and produced ‘FIGURE IT OUT’ alone on my couch. It essentially wrote itself in 15 minutes.”

Soundtracking the eccentric involvement in his fantastic, genreless sound, Bronze purposes his voice to alter the exotic viewpoint in standard music while elevating workmanship from minimized gatherings. Understanding his job as a power for opportunity in the music business, Bronze makes music that leaves the generalizations put on eccentric minorities; moving individuals to be their genuine selves and preparing for other strange, Black pop specialists to emulate his example.

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