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Stevie Bill Shares A New Heartbreak Song Titled  “The Boy Who Cried Love”

Stevie Bill’s “The Boy Who Cried Love” is a shattered fairytale that tells the story of a girl who had her dreams taken away from her. The indie singer/songwriter explains her disappointment:  “The Boy Who Cried Love is about the fairy tale being messed up, about a prince turning out to be a frog and about a swimming pool filled with lies. It’s about a time I believed in a happily ever after, but I learnt that it was all a fable. A heartbreak song, but with Shrek vibes.”

“The Boy Who Cried Love” is a genuine track that clearly expresses the hurt and the pain in a bittersweet way. The soft mesmerizing melodies and Bill’s soothing vocals immediately hook the listeners to the song and lyrics: “I thought that we would make it/ You’re just another fable/ My prince turned out to be a frog/ You’re the boy who cried love.” The touching lyrics give a taste of the post break-up spite in a lighter mood: “But you know it’s too late to make me happy/ Never gave me the truth and I know you’re ashamed/ ‘Cause I loved you to death and you thought I would break/ In a different world you woulda loved me the same.”

The 23-year-old artist moved from Amsterdam to Berlin to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician. Stevie Bill later attended Clive Davis Institute at NYU. Influenced by 90s R&B artists like Toni Braxton and Destiny’s Child, and pop/rock legends like Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears, Bill is a fan of the hyperpop genre. People instantly connect with her songs because of her witty storytelling. The talented artist is working on releasing her first EP in 2022.

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