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Interview: Latin American Artist MAR Opens-Up To Pop Cultr About Her New Single “Quédate” & Much More!

One of Latin America’s youngest lifelong performers, MAR has been rocking stages from New York, Mexico, LA since she’s 13 years old. Now with a treasure chest of instrumental prowess and stories to tell the world, she is taking her craft solo and stepping up to the industry plate. We asked the rising star some questions about her new hit single and music video Quédate, influences, career path, and much more!

Hello MAR, we’d appreciate it if you could take the time to answer a few questions.

“Quédate” has garnered over six million views on YouTube. What drastic changes have you witnessed in your life since its release?

I believe that resting within an abundant state of mind allows our world to be a reflection of this beautiful & intrinsic reality. Honoring this beautiful miracle of existing and doing what I love every day is what allows this to be a reflection in my reality! I am so deeply grateful and honored to be connecting with so many beautiful souls all around the world. Little by little, my soul tribe and I are finding each other.. Sending each and every one of them so much love and reverence.

Your lyrics are both in English and Spanish. Was that a conscious decision or the influence of your hispanic background?

To create in two languages allows me to envelop my art in a way that is most natural to me. I am so proud of my culture, my ancestors and finding a way to integrate both languages into my music is something that I know a lot of people can connect to.

In the song you’re talking about giving only one chance. Do you believe in second chances?

I believe that every experience and circumstance is unique. On a personal level; I used to believe in second chances but time and experience has strayed my away from the idea. “Fool me once time shame on you, fool my twice…” you know the rest.

Which international artists would you like to collaborate with? Can you name a few? And do you ever consider ever releasing a song with your father?

Bjork , Stromae, Rosalia, Beyoncé, Aurora to name a few. I would love to create something with my pops , I’m sure we will in the future.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Definitely opening my first two shows! I had the enormous pleasure and honor of opening danny ocean, Luis fonsi & Reik’s show in Guadalajara and in the Dominican Republic! For me it was absolutely incredible to see how far I’ve come, considering how timid I was at the beginning of my journey . I’ve been preparing myself for a long time and I feel like I’ve detached from the “umbilical cord” which for me was a sense of safety and protection singing with my sister and dad on stage. I used to be so timid so to witness my revolution is something I am so humbled and grateful to experience.

We are living in eccentric times. The world isn’t what it used to be. Is there a specific message you are trying to communicate to your fans? What do you want to accomplish with your songs?

Ahh I love this so much! I can’t wait to see how creative, vulnerable, and free we can become as I feel we are moving closer and closer to love! Thus, allowing us to tap into another level of openness with ourselves and the world on a soul level.

I’d like to communicate to my fans to continue to move from that space. We have incarnated at such an incredible and monumental time frame in the human experience where we are all part of this enormous shift back to love if we choose it & in doing so, we can create a heaven on earth in this state of mind !

I hope to create a home with my music. A sanctuary of freedom, liberation beyond our understanding and to embrace the divine feminine as it rises within me allowing the motherly, protective embrace to unleash within. I am very protective over those I love and I hope that as a soul tribe we can create and send an enormous wave of love, awareness, and conscious action towards our beautiful planet who gives and gives as we take.

What is your “comfort” song? What’s that one track you could repeatedly listen to?

Caribbean blue by enya

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