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“Animal”: Another Explosive Collab For Skilteck, Dom Devino, and Mr. Vegas

Montreal born music producer Skilteck releases energetic new track “Animal.” Dom Devino, and Mr. Vegas join the beat maker, bringing an exciting new vibe to the song.

This isn’t the first time Skilteck collaborates with the Canadian musician Dom Devino. The two previously worked together on “What They Say,” which was released in 2021, and featured internationally renowned artist Karl Wolf. The single made the top 40 list for radio English songs, receiving worldwide recognition.

Devino’s influence by Pop/Latin and Dancehall music and Skilteck’s admiration for DJ Khaled, DJ Snake, and Scott Storch, has created a thrilling but familiar sound. Skilteck has also collaborated with artists like Nohemy, Los Rakas, Sir Pathetik, Stevie Stone, Doug St-Louis and Twisted Insane. 

The composer likes to play with different genres such as EDM, Dancehall, Reggaeton and Hip-Hop. Skilteck’s “Novela” has made the producer more popular than ever, especially in the reggaeton world.

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“Animal” is on Spotify:

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