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FLETCHER Shares Video for “Becky’s So Hot”

FLETCHER has released her video for her latest single, “Becky’s So Hot“, taken from her upcoming debut album, Girl Of My Dreams, out September 16th via Capitol Records. Directed by Millicent Hailes (an artist/filmmaker who’s also worked with Billie Eilish, Tinashe, and Pussy Riot), the video for “Becky’s So Hot” co-stars Bella Thorne as the recipient of FLETCHER’s fascination. The video fully immerses its viewer in the hyper-saturated eroticism of FLETCHER’s interior life. Partly inspired by the moody futurism of Blade Runner 2049, “Becky’s So Hot” ultimately blurs the edges of fantasy and reality to glorious effect.

“Are you in love like we were? / If I were you, I’d probably keep her / Makes me wanna hit her when I see her / ‘Cause Becky’s so hot in your vintage t-shirt / Ooh, she’s the one I should hate / But I wanna know how she tastes / I kinda wanna hit her when I see her / Becky’s so hot in your vintage t-shirt”

There’s been some hypothesis on the exacting versus non-literal importance of hit in this unique situation, as the lesbian local area has been breaking down this melody forcefully since Fletcher began dropping pieces of verses a little while prior. The assumed worth take is that Fletcher is so envious and longing for her ex, that she needs to genuinely go after Becky for being with Shannon. The more nuanced idea is that hit really implies that Fletcher’s maxim she needs to have intercourse with Becky — which would track with the subject of this melody.

On one hand, we have Fletcher advancing brutality towards the ladies our ex sweethearts continue on to be with (ahem, what) and then again we have Fletcher continuing in the strides of misanthropic men without any limits who believe it’s OK to make any lady they need a sex object. Furthermore, Fletcher, as a very famous performer with a colossal clique following, is communicating that to an enormous crowd.

We don’t live in an optimal world. Hurt individuals are harming individuals and brokenness and responsive conduct spins out of control. I might in any case want to believe that there is a sure degree of regard that ladies owe different ladies, particularly inside the ladies cherishing ladies local area. I’m disheartened to perceive how simple it is for a lesbian to.

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