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Interview: Lucy Clue Shares The Best Behind-The-Scenes Moments Of Her New Music Video “In Your Eyes” 

We really loved your new single “In Your Eyes” and would like to ask you some questions. 

First of all, what is the main message behind “In Your Eyes”? 

I wrote this song when I just could not stop thinking about this one specific person. My beat producer Eddie Vance sent me the beat which was called “In your eyes“. He sent it to me in that moment when I was really not able to stop these thoughts, I was only picturing this energy between two people and I played the beat and the lyrics for the chorus came out in the first freestyle on the beat. That‘s why “I can‘t stop thinking about you“ is the beginning of the chorus and due to the beat name “In your eyes“ these words came across my freestyle, too. And so the beat name inspired me for the lyrics and the feelings that I had in this moment.

Please tell us more about the concept and shooting of the music video, as well as the choice of Manuel Di Bernardo as your partner on-screen? Any fun behind-the-scenes moments you’d like to share with us?

The song has a hot feeling and is spreading summer vibes. Therefore I definitely wanted to visualize this feeling with a great and stunning landscape that pictures the summer with the sea, beaches and the Mediterranean feeling. As I grew up visiting Sardinia every year as a child and as I have family over there, I was aware of the beauty of Sardinia and definitely wanted to film on these beaches.

The song is telling a love story and picturing sexual energy in a metaphorical beautiful way, so I wanted to keep the video sexy but noble at the same time. I wanted it to be different than other common music videos that are promoting sex. The lyrics are talking about sex but never directly, I used many metaphors to keep it radio-friendly. That ́s why I wanted the visualization to be eye-friendly, too.

I was looking for a male model to shoot with me and I wanted a super pretty, hot guy who has beautiful tattoos and would match with me as I have many tattoos, too. I found Manuel di Bernardo on TikTok, checked his Instagram and was sure that I only wanted him, nobody else!

I wanted to keep the story sweet, stunning and wonderful, so I wrote the script that the two protagonists, (Me and Manuel) without knowing each other, would do sports on the beach and I would find a jellyfish, not knowing what it is and picking it up from the beach. Realizing what it is I would throw it away into the ocean but accidently throw it against the head of Manuel. That‘s the moment we meet, an accident with a jellyfish on your head but despite the embarrassing moment falling in love, because it was a moment of fun. On the one hand I wanted to picture getting to know each other by accident and on the other hand I wanted to show my self-irony as I did not feel ashamed to be the person accidentally throwing a jellyfish against the head of the most beautiful guy on the beach.

Some fun behind-the-scenes moments:

  • I had to throw the jellyfish at least 7 times against Manuel because I never met his head.
  • It is a fake jellyfish made by my makeup artist and so many people on the beach stopped and stared at the jellyfish because they thought it was real. I had to tell the crowd “Sorry guys, this is MY jellyfish, it’s fake and we need it for the music video“
  • Many people asked me if there was a real sexual energy between Manuel and me while shooting the bed scene as we were both almost naked. I can tell that all libido was totally blocked because this was actually one of the hardest scenes, as we needed to really act and this needed focus and concentration. I can tell with pure heart that it was totally professional and the focus was to get a good scene.
  • Manuel and I became close friends since our project and his mother and his father are two of my biggest supporters, they love my music and can’t wait for further releases.
  • Manuel looks like a playboy and I thought that he might be arrogant but I learned that it is the opposite. He is very professional, great at his job, very polite and even more beautiful inside than outside.

You started making music at 11 years-old but only decided to release your first official single now. What made you finally decide to launch your career?

  • My first records were German and I stuck to it until three years ago. That time I got to know Eddie Vance who is a well-known music producer on Soundclick. I tried my first English songs and realized that my poetic talent remains even if I switch the language. This made me think bigger and realize myself being able to create very nice songs in a global language. Two years ago I was finally able to set up my professional music studio at my home, which made me independent. As I was never satisfied with the mix by other people, I was now able to premix my songs on my own and to give reference for my wish of sound. The last two years I connected with the right people and built up everything I needed to finally go as professional as I always wanted to be. Finally I got the sound I was looking for.

“In Your Eyes” is the perfect summer track. Which setting would you think fit best with the song?

  • I was told by many people that they really love listening to “In Your Eyes” while they are driving the car. In summer it gives you vibes of feeling free, happy and making you relax and switch off. The right setting could also be beach parties and open air festivals, everything that is connected with a sunny environment.

Are you planning on releasing more singles this year? If Yes, could you please tell us more about that?

  • The next single is called “The Crocodile” and will be released soon. The song is very personal because it refers to many moments of my life when I was at the lowest but always stood up again, worked hard and never gave up. The alter ego for this metaphor is actually the crocodile in the song, which is very strong and has a very hard skin. It will always be a fighter and never let other people treat it badly. The song goes out to all people that once had the experience of being at the lowest point of their lives but later they have proved that this even made them stronger than before.

If you could collaborate with any artists of your choice, who would your top 3 be?

  • Doja Cat – Topic – Dua Lipa

Thank You!

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