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Canadian Pop Sensation Olivia Penalva Brings Her Charm In Latest Single “You Love It”

Olivia Penalva is one of the quickest rising stars out of Canada as the New England-native has been putting out pop classics ever since her debut single “Christmas For Two” in 2013. She drops an all-new mellow song called “You Love It” that is full of her resonating vocals and simplistic instrument that set the tone for the saddening melodies. 

The Canadian artist is always on the lookout to outdo herself by creating a new ambiance with each composition. With “You Love It,” Olivia Penalva experiments with a mood changing song that takes the listener into an emotional rollercoaster while enjoying her strong lyrics that transcends the monitors of any device. 

Having worked with the likes Ryan Stewart and Tavish Crowe (Carly Rae Jepsen), Nolan Sipe, Brian Howes and Emily Shackleton, Olivia Penalva is full of talent as she makes her way to the top of the echelon. Her most popular singles came with “Ex’s,” “You Are The Reason” and “Let It Go,” accumulating tens of millions of streams and views across platforms.

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