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Rising Popstar Stevie Bill Is Back With Her First Single Of The Year Called And It’s A Sassy One

Dutch singer-songwriter Stevie Bill is finally back from a two-year hiatus with a pink diva single titled “Good luck to your new girlfriend.” A sassy track that has all of the artist’s signature elements, but this time, infused with steroids as Stevie Bill pours her heightened pop sounds in the single, telling her previous partner how she really feels about them. 

After finishing up with school, Stevie Bill knew she was going to pursue a career in music so she moved to Berlin at the age of 17. “I didn’t know too much about the city, but I wanted to just dive in and develop myself as a songwriter and vocalist.” Since then, the talented artist has been pursuing an educational step in her musical journey as Stevie Bill is learning everything there is to know about music at one of the finest institutions in the world– Clive Davis Institute at NYU, New York.

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