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Rising Pop Singer HOLLISS Releases Her Second Ever Single Called “Timeless”

Talented solo act  HOLLISS has put herself on notice as she drops her second track “Timeless” that has already surpassed her debut single’s numbers. The newly released song has more than 50k streams across platforms as HOLLISS gets noticed by the masses more and more.

Equipped with an exquisite voice, HOLLISS transcends positivity every time she utters her lyrics, making her listeners forget about the chaotic hazards of their daily lives. In “Timeless,” the young artist puts her pop hat on as the track takes on both traditional and modern elements to create an instant classic that is loved by all demographics. 

It’s obvious why so many people are drawn to HOLLISS’ style and it’s because of her simplistic yet smart way of conveying her musical stories. As a starting artist, her stardom in pop seems inevitable as she develops and becomes the best version of herself. “Timeless” by HOLLISS is now out and available to purchase and stream.

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