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Kidd Kenn Drops New Single, “WANT NOT A NEED,” Featuring Baby Tate.

Rick Smoove is a hip-bounce performer and writer from the United States of America. He is initially from Springfield, Massachusetts.

rather than going the standard way and attempting to assuage individuals that pay attention to famous snare music, Rick Smoove has advanced his own novel melodic style, which joins expressive substance and heading with strong snare rhythms in the way of trap music.

“”Need Not A Need,” is a tune to remind the young ladies these are needs not needs. You NEED nothing or anyone.” says Kidd Kenn. Kidd Kenn proceeds “I needed Baby Tate on the track since she really shows the world the amount they need her, not simply need her. Child Tate’s music is innovative and she’s adaptable. She raps, she sings, AND she moves. She gives more than numerous other new craftsmen. I love that she’s on this tune since she bodies the meaning of “Need Not A Need.”” Kidd Kenn observed PRIDE recently with the restrictive Complex video debut of “Body,” the main single from GROWN. Kenn followed up seven days after the fact with “At It Again,” his suitably named gathering with Sacramento rapper Delli Boe.

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