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Bigflo & Oli Return With A New Album “Apaisé Et En Liberté

A desired break allowed them to “get back in place”: the rapper brothers Bigflo & Oli return with an album “peaceful and free”, which does not exclude potential hits.

No, contrary to what some thought, they did not stop. “It was a media break and in the planning, but we have never written so much”, explains to AFP Oli, met in Paris alongside his brother.

Seized by a need to take stock after the snowball success of their three previous albums (concert in front of 40,000 people at Paris La Défense Arena in October 2019), the duo had disappeared from the radars from October 2020. Leaving in particular in fallow their social networks. A documentary broadcast at the time on Netflix, “Almost too much”, revealed the pressure weighing on the shoulders, in particular those of Bigflo.

How to manage “the solicitations” that came with the stardom was not the only work to be done on oneself in this parenthesis. “Success, this tumult, damages a relationship between two, our relationship with Oli and me,” says Bigflo.

“We made appointments with the shrink for two” completes Oli. “Before we wanted to hide our differences, we said that we were together all the time and agreed on everything, but between this speech and reality there were too many differences”, details Bigflo.

Sensitive texts also irrigate titles like “Super-heroes”, dedicated to caregivers much applauded during the health crisis but a little forgotten since, or even “José and Amar” on their Argentinian and Algerian grandfathers. Bigflo and Oli, who navigate with ease between styles, from pure rap production to funk or relaxed Latin atmospheres, now occupy a special place. Witness their guests on “The others are us”: Vald, voice of a rap that slams, MC Solaar, father of conscious rap, or mainstream stars like Julien Doré or Francis Cabrel.

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