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Following the arrival of her champion single “Great Life,” Los Angeles-based Somali vocalist musician, craftsman, and multi-layered innovative IDMAN (they/them/she/her) profits with their new single “See What I’m Doing To You”, out now by means of Arista Records.

The ethereal single shows up close by an enamoring and intense visual coordinated by successive teammate, lobbyist, and companion Sabaah Folayan. Drawing motivation from notorious Hype Williams’ visuals while attempting to catch a cut of the ongoing social environment and with gestures to design mark Pyer Moss, IDMAN takes audience members to the dancefloor and welcomes them in with her charming air and exotic voice. The video includes a team of prevalently Black womxn and appearances from new to the scene Black strange and trans entertainers, coordinators, and traditionally prepared artists, flexibility experts, writers, and screenwriters.

“See What I’m Doing To You” specifically investigates the advancement of shock and recovery saw as in “Great Life” while additionally addressing IDMAN’s legacy and giving critique on the condition of social allocation. Composed during the pandemic and last term of Trump’s administration, the track holds an extraordinary importance to IDMAN as the impetus for their music vocation. With hidden goodies spread all through the track, IDMAN divulges a juxtaposition that portrays her lived insight and legacy while introducing an adoration tune about control and considering the Black and Brown insight. Developing the single, IDMAN shares, “‘Look At What I’m Doing To You’ was the very first tune I recorded. This was the tune that helped me through such countless entryways and opened a great deal up for me in my vocation. It addresses a selective encounter for the people who understand what I’m talking about and have felt what I’m talking about. On the off chance that culture were an individual, how might she express?… Look at what we’ve treated you, we are all that you do. All aspects of all that you believe is yours is us. In its conceptualization and at the actual base of each and every molecule, we are you, and you wish.” Further underlining that the melody was brought into the world from a turbulent time and experience where IDMAN saw Trump yelling “send her back” in regards to senator, Ilhan Omar.

IDMAN adds, “seeing her snicker despite misfortune was rousing since it exemplified the on-brand energy of Somali ladies.” A certified imaginative in a literal sense, IDMAN welcomes audience members in and urges them to reflect, find, and be enabled to carry on with their true lives. IDMAN offers a short look at her impending EP, Risk (2022), with the present delivery. The quick rising ability keeps on causing disturbances as they uncover their deepest feelings with master narrating, meditative lyricism, and realistic visuals, demonstrating she’s a craftsman to watch. Proceeding to cut their own path with expectation and vision, IDMAN foregoes classification, orientation, and lines, declining to be restricted. Stream/watch “See What I’m Doing To You” and remain tuned for more news to follow.

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