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Camilo and Alejandro Sanz launch “NASA”, a new collaboration!

Following his vibe great cumbia villera “Pegao,” Camilo presents his endearing “NASA” in a joint effort with Alejandro Sanz on Thursday (June 16).

Denoting their most memorable cooperative exertion, the track intertwines a midtempo melody with flamenco styles and traditional instrumentation. Its verses are helpless and fair, according to an individual’s perspective who concedes they are off-base and is requesting pardoning.

In the music video, the two craftsmen sing on a touchy ocean side around evening time. Coordinated by Evaluna and Marlene Montaner, this music video impeccably conveys the sensation of “NASA.” It’s close to home. It’s delicate. It’s the sluggish jam of the late spring.

Camilo has really been a long-term enthusiast of Spanish vocalist musician Sanz. In the public statement, he said he met Sanz last year when Sanz came to his most memorable show in Madrid. He said, “While we were talking, I really considered letting him know that one day we would make a melody together, to which he answered that he needed to too. In the long run, we became extraordinary companions and that is how “NASA” was conceived.” How sweet is that? Camilo put it out into the universe that he would record music with Sanz and afterward it really worked out. Dreams materialize!

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