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Princess Nokia releases new single “Diva”

Princess Nokia is back with her second new single of 2022, “Diva”.

Lately, the New York rapper Princess Nokia has been making new associations — appearing in a Kacey Musgraves video, opening for HAIM at Madison Square Garden. Before long, she’ll star in Daughter Of The Sea, a short film about despondency and otherworldliness in Puerto Rico. She’s likewise emerging with her own music, as well. Princess Nokia delivered her single “No Effort” a couple of months prior, and presently she has another one called “Diva.”

In the video, Nokia is seen in Puerto Rico, dancing, standing in nature, and riding in a vintage car, as she sings, “I feel like Beyoncé, I feel like Shakira / Lemonade I’m juicy hips don’t lie Selena/ Britney, Christina, rest in peace Aaliyah/ I feel like a goddess I feel like a diva.”

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