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Premiere: Singer-Songwriter Gia Rachelle Opens Up On Her Struggles In New Up-Beat Single Titled “F.U.S”

Exceptional artist and singer-songwriter Gia Rachelle drops her third single of the year titled “F.U.S.” and it is one of her most revealing tracks of her career to date. The young singer-songwriter manages to create an artistic masterpiece by talking about her struggles with mental illness in an uplifting way over up-beat and catchy melodies. 

The inspiration of “F.U.S.” came naturally to Gia Rachelle as she woke up one day with all the melodies in her head and quickly ran off to the piano to write and compose it. She openly discusses her depression and anxiety, however, if observed carefully, listeners can notice that the words ‘anxiety’ and ‘ depression’ aren’t mentioned once throughout the whole song, which is a deliberate artistic decision by Rachelle. Musically, “F.U.S.” has a strong r&b foundation with its mellow sequences and catchy melodic chorus. The song starts slowly and naturally builds up with Gia Rachelle’s outstanding vocals that channel impactful messages and relatable lyrics. 

“F.U.S.” marked Gia Rachelle’s most intimate track released so far, and the brilliant singer reflects on the track’s impact, saying “It can be debilitating to deal with so much mentally and it gets exhausting.” She continues, “but this song definitely helps me cope and I know others can relate, whether they struggle with these issues or a different problem that plagues them mentally or emotionally.” Gia Rachelle draws inspiration from her real life experiences and her vivid creativity is based on her reflections, giving birth to an authentic and powerful song. 

The pop/r&b artist is already making her mark on the genre with impressive hits like “Interest,” Deja Vu”, “Say Something”, “Adore”, and more. Her loyal followers appreciate Gia Rachelle’s original style and outstanding ability to capture their hearts. With strong influences from the likes of Ariana Grande, Jojo and Victoria Monae, Gia Rachelle brilliantly manages to use her sharpest weapon; her original voice, while telling universally relatable stories. 

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