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Internet Sensations Anne-Marie, Latto, and NEIKED Teamed Up To Reinvent Stevie Wonder’s Classic In 2022 Fashion

It’s no surprise that when Anne-Marie, Latto, and NEIKED announced their recent collaboration to come out with a modern rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You” there were no backlashes for the possibility of ruining the classic hit. That’s because music fans can expect a creative and different version of the song that doesn’t even come close to being a plagiarized version of the original. And they’re right, NEIKED’s version, which is shortened to “I Just Called,” is the perfect joyous and modern version of the 80s classic, while taking inspiration from the trendy sounds of TikTok.

Throughout the internet timeline, there have been many websites and applications that impacted cultures, however, there has been only one social media platform that managed to create or popularize a genre of music– TikTok. Since the epitome of TikTok’s incredible popularity, songs used in trendy reels have translated into people listening to those songs religiously, thus creating a trend for TikTok’s theme songs. That’s where “I Just Called” comes into play with its transcending melodies, diverse vocals (pleasant chorus and flowy verses), and last but not least, the fastened modern beats that create a heaven-like ambiance. Check out the music video above.

By paying an homage to the legendary artist Stevie Wonder, the group makes sure to keep his name relevant in today’s age and make sure to not steal the song’s aura. Instead, Anne-Marie, Latto, and NEIKED completely redo the composition by adding most of the lyrics that include “I just called to say ‘I hate you,’ I just called to say that I’ve moved on,” bringing an all-new twist to the song’s meaning. Be prepared to come across the newly-released track “I Just Called” on social media as it will surely be one of the most popular TikTok songs to date.

Stream “I Just Called” on Spotify below.

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