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Tate McRae Drops New Sizzler ‘what would you do?’

Tate McRae’s “What Would You Do?” really isn’t overtly romantic, but the logical implication would be that the vocalist is addressing her boyfriend. Premise-wise, he is presented as someone who ‘takes her for granted’. Moreover, Tate is convinced that he’s conceited.

But this is just a “hope” of the vocalist since, as it currently stands, she doesn’t know how he will react. So it can be said that this track revolves around a revenge fantasy, though really what’s being insinuated is that Tate hopes the addressee wises up and starts to treat her right.

Crafted by Tate herself, the inimitable star works alongside Blake Slatkin, Alexander 23, and Charlie Puth on its creation.

A punchy and dynamic statement, ‘what would you do?’ is a daring assault on the senses.

Tune in now.

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