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Armani White Capitalizes On His TikTok Virality In “BILLIE EILISH”

Talented singer Armani White drops another chart-topping single titled “BILLIE EILISH.” Before it was even released, TikTok was buzzing with White’s “BILLIE EILISH.” The Philadelphia rapper shared a snippet of the track on social media, and fans instantly demanded that he publish the entire song. Last night, he finally caved into their demands.

The tune isn’t much longer than White’s teaser, but it packs a powerful punch. The track is catchy, with a Middle-Eastern sample and a blasting bass kick. White’s growling delivery matched its intensity. Armani raps about women, Lexuses, and Uber Eats in his lyrics. Even though the song was just recently published, its early virality has given it legs since it is already doing well on streaming services.

“It’s hard to ignore the cultural impact that she’s [Billie Eilish] had over the last few years, so seeing Armani’s ability to acknowledge that and create a song that pays the star respect is very cool to see,” says Sam Morrison from Lyrical Lemonade.

This track is a fantastic song that will surely be worth a place on your playlist if you are a lover of good music.

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