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The Fur dropped a new single “Night Eyes Paradise”

Combining Swedish pop melodies with hard hitting dance productions, THE FUR delivers epic and energetic dance-pop that will make your feet move and your heart sing.

Continuing to make their mark on the music scene, THE FUR have garnered support from tastemakers like Music Crowns, Purple Melon and Flex. With exciting things on the horizon and more new music in store, these are certainly not to be missed.

Now, following the success of his previous 2022 single, ‘Autograph’; Having amassed over 68k streams on Spotify alone, THE FUR are now back with a new release and the latest showcase of their sound and artistry. Delivering another solid dance-pop track, and showcasing the expertly crafted bold and energetic soundscapes that THE FUR have become known for; his latest release, ‘Night Eyes Paradise’, takes listeners into a vibrant and immersive world of sound.

Partly recorded in New York itself, adding to the New York feel of the track; the song explores a new side of THE FUR’s art, as it brings with it a light pop-rock twist and prominent rock guitar elements, while retaining THE FUR’s signature dance-pop sound and style. A captivating and addictive anthem; coupled with the rhythmic beats, ‘Night Eyes Paradise’ conveys a message that has New York City at its core, projected through stunning lyricism that captures a narrative about love for the city and the nostalgic feeling it can leave you with.

Coming to life over a decade ago in 2011, the lyrics and inspiration for ‘Night Eyes Paradise’ were born from THE FUR’s first trip to New York City that year, their experience there, and their feelings of instant infatuation. in love with the city And stemming from one moment in particular, the song was drawn from the one night experience of crossing the Williamsburg Bridge, taking some photos of the city and seeing an inscription on one of the rails where someone had inscribed ‘Night Eyes’. From there, the song further touches on the things you see at night when your eyes are closed, from dreams to memories to fears; all perfectly combined with the subtle homage to New York.

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