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​​​​Noah Cyrus – ‘Mr. Percocet’

Noah Cyrus Opens Up About a Toxic Relationship on New Song ‘Mr. Percocet’

Cyrus’ debut studio album The Hardest Part is set for release on July 15

Cyrus’ most recent delivery is easily inebriating and advises us that classification twists for Cyrus. “Mr. Percocet” is a twirling mix of popular sounds and blue grass music. What’s more, “Mr. Percocet” uncovers the profound close to home well that the vocalist pulled from to make the track.

“This song is written about my personal experience with the confusion and insecurities that arise in a relationship when substance abuse is involved,” Cyrus said in a statement. “It causes such manic behavioral changes that you can lose sight of yourself and who you fell in love with.”

In the music video, which takes place in a rural, country home, Cyrus takes viewers through the rollercoaster of emotions that come with being in a relationship while engaging in substance abuse. At one point, Cyrus is seen getting intimate with her love interest but his face is too blurry to make out, mirroring the point of view in her writing.

I barely recognize you when you wake up in the morning

Must be someone else’s eyes that I look into every night

You’re only kind when you’re all fucked up

You’re only mine till your high is gone but 

I wish you’d still love me when your drugs wear off in the morning, Cyrus sings on the track.

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