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Kaash Paige Drops Catchy R&B Single “Girlfriend”

Success has come pretty quickly for 21-year-old Kaash Paige, Def Jam Recordings’ new young star from Dallas, Texas. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her “Girlfriend” single.

Dallas singer Kaash Paige’s songs feel like late-night text convos brought to life. Similar to many lovesick balladeers today, you can hear hints of Dej Loaf in her soft singing voice. Her woozy and flirtatious lyrics explore relationships and intimacy with a cozy, lived-in perspective. Today, Kaash Paige has returned with her first solo song in over a year. It’s called “Girlfriend” and it was produced by Roy Lenzo, Ariana Wong, and 254 Bodi. The new song comes with a video, too. Check it out below.

listening to [Kaash Paige]… is like eavesdropping on a passionate phone conversation through the wall. The Dallas singer communicates her feelings with a charming directness… Through begging, reminiscing, and confessing, she guides us through a tumultuous relationship in three minutes.”  

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