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Hip-Hop Artist Ramel Shakur Tells All About His New Single “I.D.T.T.R” [Interview]

It’s time to get to know Ramel Shakur, one of Hip-Hop’s top performers. “I.D.T.T.R.” is his most recent hit. The track offers a dynamic ambiance thanks to its fast-paced rapping verses. The single acronym stands for “I Don’t Think They Ready I’m On The Road,” and showcases Ramel Shakur’s gripping performance. Find out more about Ramel Shakur in our exclusive interview!

Tell us more about the exquisite track “I.D.T.T.R” and the inspiration behind it.

“I.D.T.T.R” was created from good vibes and champagne. My Producer Jae Bangem and I were in LA working on my album and this was just one of those records that “felt good”, he made the beat and I immediately ran into the booth and got to work.

What do you want listeners to take away from the single?

I want people to feel the energy from the record. Also, pay attention to the lyrics. The composition of the beat is so easy to get lost in, I want the listener to hear the details of the songwriting. I take pride in that.

What do you hope to achieve with “I.D.T.T.R”?

I hope to reach a much broader audience. This isn’t your typical Hip-Hop record, it has a sort of rock and roll edge to it and I feel like it can resonate with the masses differently. This song has an international appeal and that’s what we’re shooting for.

Who are your biggest musical influences? Which part of your style or messages resemble them?

I’m a 90’s baby so I’m influenced by the legends of the game, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Andre 3000.. guys like that. I’m influenced by lyricism. I also listen to a lot of classic 70’s soul like the Isley Brothers. I feel like that’s where I’m inspired when it comes to melodies. 

Where do you get your inspiration on days when you’re not particularly motivated?

When I’m not feeling motivated in the studio I don’t force it. I let the beat lead me. If I have to listen to 50 beats before getting “that feeling” I will. I’m all about quality when making music. 

What is your strongest skill in the process of making a song?

My strongest skill set is being versatile. I can go bar for bar with the best of them, and if the record calls for a melody I can switch it up and vibe it out. I feel like I’m equally good on both ends. 

With all these artists dropping new music, how do you make sure that your sound is different and unique?

These days music is really experimental and all over the place, my music has a bit of that element too but I also take pride in the old-school way of things. Lyrics, substance, and originality are what built Hip-Hop, and that’s what will remain timeless. I plan on being here for a while because of that.

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