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MB&F Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Legacy Machine With New Limited Edition

It feels like yesterday when Max Büsser, founder and CEO of MB&F, announced the launch of their then-new collection called Legacy Machine (LP) in 2012. The brand is synonymous with their original and funky time telling machines that expresses the beauties of watchmaking in unconventionally designed machines, which are crafted at the highest quality of finishing. With LP however, they decided to tone it down and make it a tribute to more classical periods of watchmaking while maintaining the same experimental and funky elements of the brand that are so loved by their loyal customers.

Ten years later, MB&F announced the launch of their newest limited edition called LMX Brass and Stainless Steel, limited to 33 pieces. They brought back the incredible in-house movement they used for last year’s edition and cased in a beautifully finished stainless steel case while making the dial and the movement mostly out of brass, a historically important material for watchmaking.

The result is something out of this world, as usual with MB&F, and the watch looks, feels and wears fantastically on the wrist. Despite its hefty movement, the case sits comfortably on any wrist size bigger than 13 inches and enjoy its craftsmanship on every look down the wrist.

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